Rima Sghaier

Tech & Human Rights

Rima Sghaier is an intersectional feminist activist, researcher, policy analyst, FOSS enthusiast, and an avid advocate for internet freedom. She is currently Senior Program Manager and MENA Regional Lead at Team CommUNITY. Her work and research focus on the intersection of human rights, gender, policy and tech. She has consulted for digital rights NGOs including Access Now and the Gulf Center for Human Rights (GCHR) on issues of digital rights and digital safety in the SWANA region. Prior to joining Team CommUNITY, she worked with GlobaLeaks program managing and contributing to international projects to support NGOs, media, and investigative journalists to create secure whistleblowing platforms and is now supporting the project on advisory capacity. She was an OTF Digital Integrity Fellow with the Safe First Contact project focused on auditing and supporting the digital security skills of at-risk communities in MENA countries. She is currently a member of the Advisory Committee of Bread&Net. Rima holds a Bachelor and a Master’s degrees in Public Law and Political Science from the Faculty of Juridical, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis. Sometimes writes on Nawaat.org


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